Remember when e-books were supposed to take over the world? Apparently things have come full circle!

A report from NBC News shows 92% of students prefer paper books over e-books. The research comes from a linguistics professor at American University. Research included over 300 students from Japan, Germany, Slovakia and the United States, most rejected using e-books.

Students said having the physical book is part of the reading experience. They say light reading, like articles and such, are best read on an e-reader.

I have to agree with the students. I was plugged into the e-book craze when I first got my tablet back in 2009. I found it convenient, but I felt reading was a way for me to totally disconnect from the world. The e-reader didn't allow that, there is something more organic about reading from an actual book. Another thing I enjoy is having the books I've read on display in my home. You can call them trophies if you want, but they are nice to refer back to.