Well, this isn't very holy.

A woman in the U.K. was driving down the road when another driver caught her reading. But it's what she was reading that caught his attention... a Bible.

In the video, you can see the woman is resting the Bible on her steering wheel to read it. I'm all about getting in touch with your faith but I don't think God wanted her to kill herself or someone else because she was distracted driving.

To make matters worse (and more ironic), after she realized she was caught, she gave the guy who was recording her the MIDDLE FINGER!

According to the Mirror, the woman was getting driving into multiple lanes while she was reading and driving.

She sat with one hand on her book and the other putting the finger up pushing against her window but still looking down at her book.

"This went on for a mile as she weaved from side to side over the white lines."

Police are currently investigating the incident. You can't see clearly what the woman is reading in the video but you can clearly see her giving her the bird.