Have you been using the loo wrong? Well Buzzfeed posted an article to educate the public on the cleanest way to use the toilet.

We all know that public bathrooms are one of the germiest places. Many people choose to cover the seat with toilet paper to bring give them ease while going. However this may make the issue worse! Raymond Martin, managing director of British Toilet Association, said that putting toilet paper on the seat actually increases the surface area for germs to multiply.

In fact, the toilet roll itself is covered in microbes, especially if it is close to the toilet and not covered by some sort of casing. When a toilet is flushed, something called a toilet plume happens. The force of the flush actually shoots particles from the water to splash out of the boll and onto the seat and the toilet roll if close enough.

Mr. Martin found that the most hygienic way to use a toilet is by hovering or squatting over the toilet. If you avoid touching the seat therefore you would avoid getting any germs on yourself. Hovering also prevents us from transferring our germs onto the toilet seat as well.

More and more places are working to put in seat sanitizes to minimize the spread of germs. If the seat you are using has a cover on it, closing that helps eliminate the spread of germs onto the seat or toilet paper too. So start working on the squats and bulk those legs up cause hovering is the new way to use the loo.