As Michigan's vaccination rate continues to slowly climb, July 1st will mark a milestone for COVID-19 restrictions.

On July 1st, Governor Whitmer plans to completely reopen the state and drop the mask mandate for all residents both vaccinated and unvaccinated.  In addition to dropping the mask mandate, indoor capacity limits will also be lifted for all businesses and public spaces starting on July 1st.

The reopening schedule known as "Michigan Vacc To Normal" has been altered to accommodate the lifting of the mask mandate.  Originally, the mask mandate was to stay in effect until 2 weeks after Michigan reaches a 70% vaccination rate.  Currently, Michigan has a first-dose vaccination rate of a little over 58%.

June 1st also marks the day for additional COVID-19 restrictions being lifted.  According to an article by WZZM, "Starting June 1, all outdoor capacity limits will be lifted. This means people can have larger outdoor celebrations and places like ballparks and concert venues can fill up to full capacity."

Also starting on June 1st, indoor capacity limits will be increased to 50% and bar and restaurant curfews will be removed completely.

Michigan most likely will not reach a 70% vaccination rate by July 1st, but we should be pretty close.  In order to reach what is known as "herd immunity", anywhere between 70%-90% of the population needs to have been vaccinated or has developed antibodies naturally.

You can stay up to date with the vaccination rates in Michigan by visiting the Michigan COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard on

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