I love game shows. I watch the Game Show Network all the time and I have plenty of favorites but I'm sure many can agree with me when I say Family Feud is one of the best. It's interactive, you can play along and Steve Harvey is hilarious! I've watched Family Feud since Richard Dawson was the original host and throughout the times I have to say Steve Harvey has been the best so far!

Another person I have to speak highly of is Jimmy Fallon because although I was hesitant at first when he took over for Jay Leno, he has totally exceeded my expectations. I love how he always incorporates his guests during fun segments throughout his show. It's not just a cut and dry interview. So it was only right to play a rendition of Family Feud when Harvey was a guest onThe Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallonthis past Friday. It was "The Fallon Family" competing against "The Roots Family" and although it was a shortened version, the results are hilarious!

Let's just say this should become a regular segment onThe Tonight Show.