If you remember from last year, I attempted to predict every single day that we will see snowfall in West Michigan.  Well, with the help of Accuweather's 90-Day forecast, I'm back again to tell you when it will snow this year!

We've only got 3 months left in 2017 but those months will include some snow!

I have teamed up with Accuweather.com to give you a 100% accurate 90-day forecast of snowfall in West Michigan!  (I actually didn’t team up with anyone, I just went to their website and took note of all the days they predicted snow.  And in regards to the 100% accurate thing…  yeah, that’s not true.)

And now, without any further delay, here is Steve’s Accuweather 90-Day Snowfall Forecast!

  • November 16th - Ice / Rain Mix
  • November 17th - Rain / Snow Mix
  • December 14th - Ice / Rain Mix
  • December 15th - Snow / Ice Mix
  • December 21st - Snow Showers
  • December 22nd - Snow Showers
  • December 26th - Snow Showers
  • December 30th - Snow Showers

Please feel free to call me out everytime I’ve predicted incorrectly that it ill be snowy.

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