There's nothing worse than drinking and waking up the next day to find that you drunk-texted your ex. This guy, named Patrick, from the U.K. woke up to find that he definitely did something while he was drunk but it wasn't to his was to his PROFESSOR!

Patrick got so schwasted that he e-mailed his teacher asking for an extension on his paper. The e-mail is HILARIOUS and clearly Patrick thinks highly of his superior considering the context of the e-mail. What's even better is the response the teacher gave Patrick.

You can read the exchange of e-mails here. Just a warning there is profanity.

Isn't that amazing?! Totally had me cracking up! Mr. Martin is one awesome teacher! I didn't expect him to give the kid an extension LOL. Turns out this drunken incident worked out in the student's favor.

Who did you contact while you were intoxicated? Did you text, call or e-mail someone? Or maybe you posted a drunken status on Facebook?

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