Are You a Mean Drunk? At Least You're in Good Shape
It's not a fun thing to hear that you turn into kind of an ass when you drink but there is an upside to it... somewhat.
A new study out of Finland, published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, found that people who are aggressive when they drink are more than likely to be in bette…
Drunk Guy Gets in a Cop Car Thinking it's a Cab
Well, this guy made the cops' job fairly easy.
A man in Toronto had a night out of drinking this past Saturday night and he was feeling pretty drunk. Knowing he couldn't drive himself home he decided to take a taxi. However, it was a different type of city car he stumbled into...
Vegetarians Secretly Eat Meat When They're Drunk
The next time your vegetarian friend has a cow over you being a meat-eater just throw it in their face that they already are having a cow, literally.
New research conducted by the U.K. website, VoucherCodesPro found that 37% of vegetarians eat meat when they are drunk...

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