It's no secret I love General Hospital. Maybe even obsessed. But sometimes there are things about the show that drive me crazy. Typical soap opera things, which if you watch them you come to expect. BUT it still doesn't make me yell at the TV any less.

Yesterday, I had some drinks and was feeling kind of tipsy when I was watching GH and I had to pause the show because I felt like I had so much to get off my chest. So I turned on the camera and let the word vomit come out (thankfully no actual vomit came out). Yes, I was lying down while bitching but I was comfy and needed to get everything out right there.

So my issue with General Hospital, and soap operas in general, are THINGS THAT MAKE NO SENSE:

  1. When a character is hurt (i.e. shot) and in a bad/not ideal situation with another person/people why do they tell that person(s) to leave them behind? "Go without me." It's basically a "save yourself don't save me" type of thing.My response: ARE YOU CRAZY!? I'M HURT AND BLEEDING! HELP ME!
  2. How is everyone magically some type of medical professional? I can't tell you how many times I've seen a character remove a bullet out of someone or stitch someone up, and they have no medical background!
  3. How do things always conveniently work out in really bad situations?

The video further explains my frustrations. And if you're a soap opera-watcher I know you'll feel my sentiments on these matters.

I'm a few weeks behind on the show right now so I'm sure they'll be more rants in the near future. Alcohol may or may not be involved.


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