Nothing would be more upsetting for me as a kid then knowing my summer was getting cut short because I had to go back to school early. That may end up being the case for students in Michigan.

WILX reports that two new bills were introduced that would give schools the option of starting before Labor Day.  Since 2006, Michigan law required schools to go back after Labor Day, unless requested. Apparently, hundreds of districts throughout the state this year have already applied to start early.

Districts say they want the earlier start to align with dual-enrollment which allows high school students to take college courses.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, only three states (Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia) require a start-by date after Labor Day. Most states leave it up to the district to decide when to go back. The reason Michigan is one of the states is because of tourism and the money it brings for local businesses and the economy.

The bills are currently being considered by the MI House, and if passed into law, the decision will be left to the districts.

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