Where would we be without stupid people?

We have to travel around a bit to get these stories, but it's worth it!

Let's start with Florida, odd things always happen there. A 22-year-old was driving a stolen Civic on Tuesday, and he somehow outran a cop. But the joyride didn't last long because shortly after police lost sight of him, he hit an alligator, crashed into the median, and is now facing several felony charges. No word on the alligator.

Let's head out west to Washington state where a bus driver is in some hot water because she ordered the kids to keep the windows closed on a 90 degree day. Apparently this was punishment because one of the kids put a stack of paper near the heater vent on the bus. She is on leave until they sort all of this out.

One more, and this one ends sad but it's a good lesson that guns are NOT toys. A 25-year-old guy in South Carolina died a few nights ago after he was shot. He put on a bulletproof vest and told his friend to shoot him so he could test the vest. His friend did just that, but she missed the vest. Now the 18-year-old girl who shot him is facing charges.