We've all questioned the loyalty of our friends at some point, but this is the ultimate betrayal!

A man in Washington allowed his 24-year-old buddy to stay on his couch for a bit, while he was down on his luck. That's a classy move!

Richard, the friend who invited the 24-year-old to stay, had a pretty large collection of 'Star Wars' toys locked in his closet. These are toys he's been collecting for 20 years, and they became worth almost $30,000.

Cue Ben, the buddy staying on the couch.

While Richard was out of town last month, Ben broke into the closet, stole Richard's collection and sold it for ONLY $2,250!

Terrible friend!

When Richard got home he reported it missing, and police were able to track it down because Ben sold it to a hobby store just down the street from Richard's house.

Ben is not the brightest criminal because catching him was fairly easy.

The shop owner had a copy of Ben's drivers license and was able to confirm Ben was the one who sold the toys to the shop.

It's unknown if Richard had all of his toys returned, but Ben will be staying at the county lock up from now on. He's being charged with burglary, theft and trafficking stolen goods.