Welcome to Paul Jendrasiak, the new host of “Sunday Morning Townsquare!”

On Feburary 26th, Paul spoke with:

  • Bing Goei (Eastern Floral), Brian Cousins (Wolverine Company Store) and Abbey Fowler (6.25 Paper Studio) inside MoDiv in Downtown GR
  • LeAnn Arkema from Gilda's Club and LaughFest!

To hear the programs, you can simply click the link and the file will begin playing inside your browser OR you can right click and save to your hard drive or digital media player.

Feb26 - MoDiv - Seg1

Feb26 - MoDiv - Seg2

Feb26 - MoDiv - Seg3

Feb26 - MoDiv - Seg4

Feb26 - LaughFest - Seg1

Feb26 - LaughFest - Seg2

Feb26 - LaughFest - Seg3