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  • Bill Chrysler, Sound Engineer & Owner, Redwall North Studios

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  • Bill Chrysler, Sound Engineer & Owner, Redwall North Studios

I'm joined by Bill Chrysler. Bill's based in Grand Haven and is an incredibly in demand sound engineer in the music industry. He's worked Paul McCartney, Bob Seger, John, Mayer, Rush, Prince, Tom Petty, Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, and many other of the biggest names in music. He also runs Redwall North Studios in Grand Haven.

Bill and I chat about what a sound engineer is and does in a live music and studio setting, how he got involved in the music industry, what he's looking for in the studio versus a live setting, what the bands and musicians he works for are looking for that he bring to the table, some of the favorite venues around the world that he enjoys crafting sound in, what represents the perfect venue, his studio; Redwall North in Grand Haven, some of the West Michigan musicians he's been working with there, what caught his eye about Garrett Borns, his advice for aspiring sound engineers, and more……..

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I do hope you'll have a chance to tune in! I'm really looking forward to introducing you to folks around West Michigan every week who are helping to positively shape our area with their music, their art, their bold business ideas, and the causes they're passionate about!

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