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  • Rob Martin, Exerciseman Fitness
  • Michelle Fife, Seva Yoga
  • Kathryn Mock, Registered Dietician, McCahill Group

I'm joined by personal trainer Rob Martin of Exerciseman Fitness, Michele Fife of Seva Yoga, and registered dietitian Kathryn Mock of The McCahill Group. We chat about the work each of them does to help keep people healthy and in great shape, the CDC recently ranking Michigan as the 5th most obese state, smart and realistic ways to lose an extra 20-50 pounds, how to successfully maintain weight loss, keys to a balanced diet, how a personal trainer can help one succeed in their health and fitness goals, some basics that should be incorporated into a good workout, the benefits of yoga for the body and the soul, styles of yoga offered at Seva, different fitness approaches for men and women, top reasons people fail in making positives changes to their diet and fitness plan, how to stay motivated, and more……

Kathryn Mock, Registered Dietitian at The McCahill Group http://


  • Dennis Moosbrugger, Arena District

I'm also joined by Dennis Moosbrugger from the Arena District. Dennis and I chat about the Arena District's mission, who some of the businesses involved in it are, their ArtPrize preview starting September 12, their popular Culture Club events, their upcoming musical chairs event, and more…..

I do hope you'll have a chance to tune in! I'm really looking forward to introducing you to folks around West Michigan every week who are helping to positively shape our area with their music, their art, their bold business ideas, and the causes they're passionate about!

~Paul Jendrasiak

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