Are you and your partner looking to spice things up this Valentine's Day or maybe you're single with no plans? Why not watch zoo animals do each other?
It's a real event that The Detroit Zoo is hosting on Valentine's Day called Love Gone Wild...
Final Fireworks Show in W. MI!
Summer may technically be over but you can still go out with one final bang!
The National Fireworks Association (NFA) is currently in town for their 2016 Expo. Over 250 exhibitors are at this trade show showcasing different fireworks, safety, etc...
Most of Us Embrace 'POMO'
You may call it being a party pooper but many will call it "POMO."
You've heard of FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out). All of us know at least one person (or maybe you) who suffers from FOMO but POMO is the opposite. POMO stands for "the Pleasure of Missing Out" a…
Light Saber Battle in GR
This Friday a really cool event is coming to Downtown Grand Rapids at Rosa Park Circle. It’s called the Cat in Space Tour and essentially it’s a giant Light Saber battle.
Top Christmas Towns in MI
I love that the holiday season is here. People have a different aura about them. It almost seems as if people are in a better mood, you spend more time with family, eat great food, and partake in different festivities. But somewhere in between all that, take the time to visit these 9 citie…
Saturday’s Adventure Full of Cars & Food [Photos]
On Saturday, I was at Family Fare in Wyoming for a live remote and at the same time was the 28th Street Metro Cruise so I decided to stick around afterwards and check out some of the cars and indulge in some food truck food. There were lots of people and lots of different classic cars cruising up an…

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