Stop Kissing Chickens
I didn't know kissing chickens were a thing but apparently it is... and you need to stop now! The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a new study, which spanned over 24 years, found a correlation between the increase of having backyard chickens as pets and salmonella outbreaks...
“Marvin Gaye” [Video] Features Lots of Making Out
"Marvin Gaye" by Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainor is heating up the charts but that's not the only thing. The video, so innocent, yet so steamy includes a bunch of couples lip-locking! The video takes place at a high school dance and Charlie is looking dapper in a letterman's jacket playing the piano and singing to the crowd. Th...
Kissing Really Up Close
Just in time for Valentine's Day, I bring you this thing that will make you never want to kiss another person ever again. Seriously. You'll never want to lock lips again in your entire life. Imgur user MrRobotoGotAGato posted this terrifying GIF almost a year ago. I'm not sure how I missed it, but, frankly, I'm glad that I had 11 more months in my life where I didn't know what a kiss looked like f
Couples Kiss for 36 Hours in Thailand
Seven couples in Thailand have broken the world record for the longest kiss. In a Valentine’s Day promotion, the resort town of Pattaya is currently holding a longest kiss contest, in which couples lips need to remain locked continuously. Seven of the 14 couples entered have now broken the previous world record for a longest kiss, which was 32 hours seven minutes and 14 seconds.