In a first ever Christine-ology, I’m calling out a member of the click of six.

It all started exactly one week ago when we were talking about the new season of The Bachelorette and how one guy in particular made a strange impression. Not only did he show up dressed in a cat suit but he also had an awkward kiss with Katie that made me cringe… while in the cat suit!

That night, I received a message on our app from Cindy who said:

Christine - you really judged the cat kiss on the Bachelorette way wrong. That kiss was not bad. It was hot as hell and the timing wasn’t off. I just finished watching the last half of the show.

Cindy, I would love to know your thoughts on last night’s episode because Connor the Cat asked for a re-do on the kiss and just when I thought here’s his chance… UGH, it was worse. Cringeworthy x10. I was so disgusted I had to post it to my Instagram story and just to give you perspective these were responses I received from both men and women:

“So bad”

“Why is he trying to palm her head? She’s not a basketball”

“I just audibly cringed”

“Wow that was so uncomfortable to watch”

“Omg ew”

“Puke face emojis”

For all the "Connor the Cat’s" of the world, thankfully I’m here with the do’s and don’ts of kissing so take notes:

  1. DO start off slow and sensual
  2. DON’T stick your entire tongue down the other person’s mouth. 
  3. DO incorporate gentle lip biting from time to time. 
  4. DON’T kiss with your mouth closed
  5. DO follow the flow. 
  6. DON’T be aggressive, unless the other party shows interest. 
  7. DO use your hands - touch their hair, cheek, chin, neck but always revert back to previous tip. 
  8. DON’T leave a hickey
  9. DO communicate
  10. & the number one, most important rule: DON’T lock lips with someone without their consent. If you’re unsure about the situation, don’t be afraid to ask for permission. 

Now that we’ve covered that, hopefully we can finally seal this topic up… with a kiss, obvi 😘😉

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