Woman Wins $1 Million Lotto While Vacationing in Michigan
Best vacation EVER!
While in Michigan to visit some friends last month, a Canadian woman and her husband stopped at a BP gas station in Macomb to fuel up. She also decided to test her luck and bought a Mega Million ticket.
The woman told the Michigan Lottery that
The clerk explained the game to me…
Woman Cleans Out Purse, Finds Winning Lotto Ticket
Cleaning out a purse is a chore in itself but it's always nice to see what you can discover dug deep into it. I love when I find things that I forgot I had or thought I lost. But a woman, from Ireland, really hit the jackpot (literally) when cleaning out her over-stuffed purse...
Michigan Man Wins $4 Million Off a Scratch-Off Ticket
What's the most you've won off a scratch off lotto ticket? I don't think I've won more than $20 but a man from the Gaylord area has just won $4 million off a Max Money game, worth $30.
MLive says the lucky winner claimed his prize this past Monday and chose to take the lump s…

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