Parents Spend $450 on Their Kids' Birthday Parties
As a child the best part about having a birthday is the actual party!
I remember it was the highlight of my childhood when I was growing up. I'd get to pass out cupcakes at school, walk around with balloons and if your friends really liked you they'd decorate your locker...
Christmas Party!!
The atmosphere was festive, fun and fashionable on Friday night for Connie & Curtis' Christmas Party.
Channel 95.7 and Celebration! Cinema presented Connie & Curtis Christmas Party at Celebration Cinema! Grand Rapids North's Wave Room in Grand Rapids.
Sun of a Beach Festival
Friday was a fun day for Grand Rapids as the beach moved downtown for Sun of a Beach Festival!
We brought the sand, the beer, the food, music and, heck, even a party boat!
The day was beautiful, the beer was cold, the elephant ears were massive and the bands played for hours! There was a dancing, drin…
How To Throw A Kentucky Derby Party
The Kentucky Derby may be the fastest two minutes in sports, but it takes two full weeks to celebrate the event in Louisville each year.  Unless you have an excess of vacation time and a whole lot of gas money to burn, a trip to Louisville may not be in the cards...
Too Much Fun Last Night?
Have a bit too good of New Year's Eve?  They say there really aren't any tried and true cures for *ahem* overindulgence, but if laughter is the best medicine, this article from The Onion might have it right: