Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice Arrested
Robert Van Winkle, a.k.a. Vanilla Ice, was taken into custody Wednesday and charged with burglary residence and grand theft in Florida, authorities said.
According to a news release issued by the Lantana Police Department, the robbery occurred sometime between December and February in a home that was…
Throwback Throwdown – “Push It” Vs. “Ice Ice Baby”
Every day Channel 95-7 pits two old school heavyweights against each other in the 'Throwback Throwdown.'  You choose the winner each day and that song will be played at 6:30pm leading into U Mix It.  Voting closes at 6pm sharp each day, so get your votes in early! The loser will…
Ice, Ice Baby
Vanilla Ice (real name Rob Van Winkle) was, oddly enough, injured in an ice skating accident this week.
He's been rehearsing for a British TV show called "Dancing On Ice" and apparently had a bit of a fall while practicing with his partner.
The Vanilla Ice Project
Vanilla Ice (Rob Van Winkle) is back performing his hit "Ice Ice Baby" on national television!... Say What!?  Yeah you read it right, national television.  But why would anyone have him on to do that song?  Well he has his new TV show to promote as well...