Vanilla Ice went to Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum a skeptic and left shook after having an encounter with an unseen force while in the building.

On Sunday (July 7), TMZ posted footage of the "Ice Ice Baby" rapper's visit to the famed Las Vegas museum. While with a group of people sitting in the Odd Fellows room, which contains two genuine human skeletons, Ice jumped out of his seat in fear. He was clearly disturbed, looking around the room and moving further away from the chair in which he was seated while grabbing at his neck. Later on, he explained what happened.

"I'm skeptical too, and I asked her four times through the exhibit, 'Did you blow on my neck?'" he said. "It wasn't a little blow. It was real heavy. Like a...(makes blowing noise). And it was freezing cold. I looked up and I didn't see anything like fancy Disney stuff, and I asked her, 'Did you blow on my neck?'"

Ice concluded, "I will not go back in that room."

Vanilla Ice isn't the first rapper to have an encounter at Vegas' infamous museum. Last June, Post Malone visited and was present when Bagans removed his dybbuk box, known as the "world's most haunted object," from its case for the first time. Shortly afterward, Posty had a series of unfortunate events, which included being on a plane that had to make an emergency landing and an armed robbery.

Check out video of Vanilla Ice loosing it after having an encounter at the Haunted Museum below.

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