If you remember his freak out on the set of MTV, this will come as NO surprise; but Vanilla Ice freaked out after he missed his flight on Delta Airlines.

Bad news for Vanilla, (think that’s what his friends call him??) the entire meltdown was caught on video and posted to YouTube. In the video you can even hear him tell someone to “Shut the F!@% up” as they tried to comment during his rant.

I like the hand on the hip while this is going on.  Truth is, he should have listened to his own advice and "STOP, Collaborate and Listen” so they could get him on the next flight.

I kind of hope they put him in that horrible row in front of the exit row, where the seats don’t recline. That will teach him to be nice to the airline crew.


((WARNING some NSFW language during his meltdown))

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