If you are anything like me, you dread getting your taxes together.  I have been putting this off from the moment I got my W-4's.  And it looks like this year that I can put it off for an additional 3 days!  That's right, the tax deadline has been moved from April 15th to April 18th.

"Hooray!  More time to procrastinate!", I cried this morning!  The reason for the extension is due to the Federal Government's observance of Emancipation Day.  And because Emancipation Day falls on Friday the 15th this year, the tax deadline is extended to the following Monday, April the 18th.

Above is a video released by the IRS on YouTube earlier in the year.

You can always find more information at http://www.IRS.gov

You can also read about it on CNNMoney.com

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