Loud exhausts have always been a source of controversy amongst people. Some people LOVE the sound of a powerful engine or loud exhaust, while others couldn't find it more annoying.

In the past, if you owned a muscle car you didn't have much of a choice when it came to having a loud exhaust. Big engine = Loud exhaust.

That is until an engineer for Ford had the police called on him for his car being too loud. The engineer apparently had annoyed his neighbors one too many times by starting up his Mustang early in the morning.

The same engineer went to his design team and asked what they could do about the loud exhaust and they found a solution. Starting in 2018, the new Mustang GT V8 will offer a "Quiet Start" that regulates the decibels on the exhaust.

Quiet Start lets drivers schedule the time of day when either the Mustang GT’s V8 engine roars, or when it stays quiet for neighbors. - Ford Motor Company YouTube

Do you love the sound of a big engine or are you annoyed by it? Let us know in the comments!

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