So the video of the dancing usher, Sam is his name by the way, that the Jonas Brothers posted Sunday night while they were playing 'Sucker' at Van Andel Arena, has not only gone viral, being streamed over 2 million times, but Sam was invited on the 'Good Morning America' this morning.

He says he didn't even know he had gone viral until his sister saw the video on the Jobros social media, which of course shocked her because as she put it, she's an "OG  fan" and to have them post her brother dancing on their main account, she was in awe.

He told Robin Roberts, he's danced at Twenty One Pilots, Shawn Mendes, Jason Aldean, and Hillsong. He just busts a move when the rhythm comes. His sister also said that the whole family works concerts at Van Andel, but Sam and maybe her older brother are the best dancers.

He ended by showing some dance moves to "S.O.S." by the Jonas Brothers, and I give him credit.  It's one thing dancing in a crowded concert venue when you have the energy of the crowd, it's another thing when you're dancing at 7 am on a Wednesday for America... and having to wear your usher uniform. Still, way to represent, Sam!