The Jonas Brothers made their stop in Grand Rapids Sunday night on their "Happiness Begins" tour, and if you weren’t there but wondering, “Was it a good show?”

Well, just check out what the JoBros tweeted out during the show: an usher at Van Andel, living his best life when the guys played “Sucker”.

If that doesn't answer your question, then I'll just say it, yes, it was awesome!  And, dude has some moves.

I also love that the brothers even said,

Gonna be hard to beat the Grand Rapids crowd tbh 🔥🔥🔥

Which sure they might say that here and there, but I can say the crowd was louder than at Justin Timberlake, and possibly even Shawn Mendes... so they weren't lying, we were a 🔥 crowd.


My faves?  Only Human' and when they did  'Jealous' and 'Cake By The Ocean' and no it wasn't because Kevin was off stage for those last two songs. LOL


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