The Filling Station Restaurant, on Alpine in Comstock Park, will be closing soon. When it re-opens it will be branded as a Mr. Burger restaurant.

In a Facebook post to their valued customers on Tuesday, The Filling Station announced they will be closing their doors on Sunday, October 25th, and then re-opening on Wednesday, October 28th as a Mr. Burger restaurant.

The post also encouraged customers to "make sure to stop by and have your Filling Station favorites before the change."

Those favorites include the classic Mr. Fables "Mr. Fabulous" Olive Burger and Onion Rings. It looks like both will be going away with the new branding.

For many years people would go to one of the many Mr. Fables restaurants in our area and order their signature sandwich, the "Mr. Fabulous" olive burger and their onion rings. When those restaurants all closed, there was no place to get one of these great sandwiches and delicious onion rings. When The Filling Station opened up, they started to offer those two items once again and many people enjoyed going there just for those things. Unfortunately it looks like those items will be missing from the menu once the restaurant change is made.

The Facebook post explained, "When the Mr. Burger family purchased The Filling Station from Randy Perrin in 2010, the decision was made to try something new and keep things running as they were. The menu included an ambitious amount of offerings: breakfast, lunch, dinner, burgers, dogs, burritos, tacos, phillys, skillets, soups, pies, monster burgers. All of these items were available via dine-in and drive-thru. This was no easy task. Along the way, we experienced plenty of highs and lows and are grateful to have learned from this opportunity to serve your community.'" They said "It was a tough decision to convert, but as a locally owned family chain for over 50 years, we feel it is the best decision for our future."

So if you want to get your "Mr. Fabulous" and onion rings fix, you'll have to do it before Sunday. The newest Mr. Burger will open next Wednesday. A couple of chili dogs sound really good right now too!

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