Starting in 2017 women will now be able to join the Grand Rapids Football Club.

The GRFC is a minor league soccer team in West Michigan that was started in 2015, and currently only have men playing. But after the success of the men's team, the GRFC felt it was the right time to expand the league. The women's team will be a part of the Midwest Division of the United Women’s Soccer League. The Midwest division will include players from Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

The women's team will play about 10-12 games and their schedule will coincide with the men's team, which is typically from May to July.

A schedule for the game and the location of the home field will be announced at a later date. Five games will be added to next season's package at no additional charge.

The president of the GRFC stated on the website:

...starting a women’s team will allow young female players in West Michigan the opportunity to watch, interact with, and learn from top college and post-college players."