Brace yourselves! The Heat Wave of 2019 is coming.

Most of Michigan is about to get hit with hot temperatures and high humidity, with Friday or Saturday expected to be the hottest day of summer. With that said, there's one of two ways you can spend the hot day: outdoors in the water or inside where there's air conditioning. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have that luxury so Kent County is prepared to serve those in need.

These are the following cooling stations per Heart of West Michigan United Way

  • Alano Club of Kent County
  • Degage Ministries
  • Exodus Place (men only)
  • God's Kitchen
  • Grand Rapids HQ (Ages 14-24 only)
  • Guiding Light Mission
  • Heartside Ministry
  • Mel Trotter Ministries
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church

Get more info about days & times open here.

Kent County's Emergency Manager issued a warning on the dangers of this week's heat wave including knowing the difference between heat exhaustion and a heat stroke. He also provides useful tips to stay safe such as staying in a shade and drinking lots of water.

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