Who says social media can't teach you a thing or two?

Okay, so apps like Tiktok mostly feature trendy dances and quick, subtle jokes. However, I found myself learning about a mysterious case that took place right here in Michigan.

The Tiktok account, @creepyara, recently posted this video detailing the case of Steven Kubacki:

Perhaps you're familiar with Kubacki's case but I certainly wasn't. And it's mysterious to be sure.

Steven's story starts in Saugatuck, Michigan where he was making his way on a cross-country ski trip in February of 1978. However, all of his equipment was discovered by a few people on snow mobiles near Lake Michigan the day after he made the trip to Saugatuck, according to strangeoutdoors.com.

Those snowmobilers called the authorities who then found a set of tracks leading away from Kubacki's gear towards the lake where they abruptly ended. Naturally, all sorts of assumptions were made with one being a possibility that Kubacki had fallen through the ice.

Kubacki, who was a 23 year old college student at the time, had apparently made the trip to Lake Michigan several times before, making the decision to abandon his gear and apparently walk towards the lake all the more suspicious.

As with any mysterious disappearance, conspiracy theories involving a UFO abduction, the 'Michigan Triangle' which is apparently the Great Lakes equivalent to the Bermuda Triangle, and more started circling. Regardless of the theories, Steven did eventually and miraculously reappear 15 months later and 700 miles away. I can see why people would jump to the theory of alien abduction.

According to coolandinterestingstuff.com, in May of 1979 Steven awoke in a field in Massachusetts wearing clothes that were unfamiliar to him and found himself next to a satchel that he claims also did not belong to him. Steven, apparently in good health, made is way back to his father's house which is when he learned just how long he had been missing.

Unfortunately, Kubacki refused to go into detail with local reporters who were inquiring about a potential psychological break. When asked if he would talk with a professional he said that he,

didn’t need to, because he didn’t have any psychological problems and nothing to say about the time he was missing.

And there we have it.

The truth is we may never know what actually happened. Whether it be little green men, the Michigan Triangle, or simply a bizarre time-out from life due to some sort of mental break...the good news is that he was alive and unharmed after missing for 15 months.

Kubacki went on to gain a PhD in clinical psychology.

If Kubacki did, indeed, have an encounter with some sort of alien presence he would hardly be the first. Check out these weird UFO sightings that have been documented throughout history:

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