Don't you hate when you're trying to dip your tortilla chip into guacamole or some type of dipping sauce and it breaks? This happened to me the other day and it was very frustrating. The struggle is real. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to dip your chip, or does it?

Dan Pashman, of the Cooking Channel, had a rocket scientist on his show, "You're Eating it Wrong" to tell us the right way to dip your chip into guacamole without the chip breaking and to get the perfect amount of guac.

The "risk taker" dips the flat end of his tortilla chip straight into the guac. This usually ends in breakage. Your best bet is to "snow plow" the guacamole. You go in at an angle and smoothly run your chip across the guac. This way your chip doesn't break and, best of all, you get a maximum amount of dipping!

Who knew there would be so many similarities between dipping chips and rocket science. Watch the full video below to get the most out of your chip-dipping