The worst part about traveling is the actual process of traveling itself. Going to the airport, waiting in the long security line and waiting some more. We're also at a time where the wait time in the TSA line is the worst it's ever been and some major airports have come up with a solution(s).

According to NBC News some airports are getting creative to try and ease the annoyance and impatience of waiting in that dreadful security line. For example, in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport they are having the local non-profit farm bring in miniature therapy horses several times a month.

"Animals help reduce stress and anxiety levels and put smiles on people's faces," said Mindy Kershner, a spokeswoman for the airport."

That's cute; I wouldn't mind petting a horse. But THIS I'm not down with: at the San Diego International Airport they've hired CLOWNS to come in to entertain people. NO THANK YOU! That's an easy way for me to not only lose my spot in line but also get sent to jail for punching the clown straight in the face. And getting arrested in an airport is not an ideal situation. Clearly, the staff at the San Diego airport didn't consider the people with coulrophobia.

Some other airports have brought in musical performers to pass the time, and in Atlanta, they are handing out snacks and drinks to passengers during the very busy hours.

As Long Lines In Airports Rise, TSA Struggles To Cut Waiting Times
Scott Olson /Getty Images

Airports around the country, are trying to work with the TSA to help alleviate the long lines:

Solutions include moving canine teams to the busiest hub airports, increasing budgets for staffing and overtime and, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, working with Delta Air Lines to test fast-loading, radio frequency identification bins at two checkpoint lanes at the airport in Atlanta."

In the meantime, arrive extra early and pray a clown doesn't come up to you while you're waiting.