Is it an "Awwwwwwwww", or maybe "ROFL", or even an "OMG"? Animal videos can bring on a range of emotions, what is your response to these videos?

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    55 Ducks Crossing The Road

    I've finally got all my ducks in a row!

    Why did the duck cross the road? Because he was following the 54 in front of them! Buh-dum-chi! Now if that ain't cute, I don't know what is. And to think all of those cars stopped despite their being a duck crossing sign!

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    Ducks Blown Off Their Feet

    I've dealt with some high winds, but this is over the top!

    Continuing with the cuteness of our Mallard friends: A mother duck has all of family right behind her when disaster strikes! A large gust of wind blows over the baby ducklings and they are scattered all about! Don't worry though, according to the person who submitted the video, no ducks were hurt during the filming :)

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    Bizkit The Sleep Walking Dog

    Gotta get that squirrel... gotta get that squirrel, gotta get that...THUMP!

    My girlfriend has complained to me about a random kick or even an elbow to the back while I'm asleep. But this dog totally puts me to shame. The look on his face when he realizes he just ran into the wall is worth more than money!

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    Cuddle Bunnies

    You're so cute! No, you're so cute! WE'RE BOTH SO CUTE!

    The name says it all in this one, these two are some extremely cute cuddle bunnies. At about 24 seconds into the video you get to see how adorable a baby bunny is when it yawns (SPOILER: It's EXTREMELY adorable).

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    Ride 'Em Parrot

    Cats hunt birds. Birds ride cats?

    First off, I have never seen a cat this calm around a bird. And secondly, why is the parrot so interested in the kitty? This is truly a fascinatingly bizarre friendship.