Since moving to Grand Rapids, I have really fallen in love with the vibe and all the action the city has going on. So, I’ve made it a bit of a personal mission to really experience all Grand Rapids/West Michigan has to offer. Especially the free side of things that anyone can enjoy.

Yesterday (Sunday, May 8th) The Vintage Street Market in Grand Rapids opened for the season in the parking lot of the Grand Rapids Downtown Market which is on Ionia. This looks like an awesome place to check out new décor for my new place! In the Vintage Street Market you’ll find everything from furniture to clothing to kitchen and home décor, and more. The deal sealer for me, the outdoor bar with cocktails inspired by the past!

It’s not open all the time, only five Sundays total,  but if you wanna go here are the dates of the next Vintage Street Market:

June 12th

July 10th

August 14th

And September 11th