Ever wonder just how long the average play session is for the most passionate of the PC master race? NPD has reported some interesting findings that tell us, among other things, that there are a lot of overworked desktop cooling fans out there.

A recent NPD survey of 6,225 people ages 9 and up who play PC games reports that 37 percent of them play for an average of 6.4 hours per day. Think about that in terms of the school-aged players in that mix: half of their day is spent either in school or playing games in front of a PC screen.

The report also states that 46 percent of those surveyed buy their games on digital distribution sites like Steam and Good Old Games, and those people are less likely to pay full price for those games. With crazy discounts offered regularly on those platforms, we're not surprised by that at all.

"Consumers' expectations may be the greatest barrier to maximizing spending in the PC gaming space," according to NPD analyst Liam Callahan. "Since half of PC gamers who play digital and/or physical games on the computer are expecting there to always be a sale right around the corner, publishers and retailers alike need to better manage these expectations."

Long story short: PC gaming is still as popular as ever, and we don't think it will ever go away no matter how powerful home gaming consoles become. Some people just prefer a mouse and keyboard, and we say more power to them. Just...maybe get up a few times an hour and stretch or something. Six hours a day sitting and playing games (not including work or school sitting) will do a number on you.

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