Can you imagine life without the internet? Probably not. It's apart of our daily lives... we use it for almost everything! But would you risk losing the internet to save a life? Surprisingly (or maybe not) a lot of people would do, or not do, anything to stay connected to their precious interwebs.

The Huffington Post reports on a survey, by AT&T, asked 2,000 people what they would give up to keep the internet. The results may shock you:

  • 55% of people would rather keep the internet THAN save a life of a stranger (61% of men & 43% of women)
  • 35% would keep the internet over curing cancer.
  • 30% would lose a finger
  • 20% would give up love
  • 15% would give up human interaction.

Overall, men reported being more willing than women to part with things like body parts or their morality. Younger respondents placed a higher value on Internet access than older folks. "

In addition, a different study from 2013, found that 85% of people would rather choose their mobile apps over having water! That's crazy. Imagine how the children in third-world countries feel about that one.

What would you give up to keep the internet?