Can you imagine scrolling through your twitter feed and all of a sudden seeing your student ID picture on Tom Hanks twitter page?!

Turns out Tom is a very good samaritan because the other day while in the park he found a student ID and decided to take to twitter to see if he could find the owner.

Her first name is Lauren and she goes to Fordham University. Sadly it seems as though she won't be able to meet Tom to get her ID back. In his tweet Tom said, quote:

"If you still need it, my office will get it to you."  But still, it's cool that he took the time to get her ID back to her.

Check out the tweet: 

Lauren does know he has her ID and it didn't take her long to hear about it . . . even though she doesn't have a Twitter account.

This is not the first time Tom has had a run in with lost items a few months back, he Tweeted about how a guy found his credit card in New York and returned it.  He said, quote, "Tony!  You make this city even greater!  Thanx."



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