A region of English-speaking Americans has made the Top 12 Sexiest Accent list.

Facebook recently took a poll to find out what accents you and I are either annoyed by or can't hear enough and believe it or not 'Southern,' like Matthew McConaughey's Texan accent, hit #8.
Here's the rest of Facebook's findings:
  1. Italian
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Czech
  5. Nigerian
  6. Irish
  7. Oxford British
  8. U.S. Southern
  9. Brazilian Portuguese
  10. Trinidadian
  11. Thai
  12. Argentine

Source:  CNNGo.com

I think a world wide road trip (or flight schedule) is in order, you game??  Any accents missing from the list?  Leave your comments below or share this with a friend so Channel 957 can post our own poll.