We've been featuring a lot of desserts leading up to Dessert Wars 2015, but today's dessert actually brought back great memories from my childhood. Turns out, I had these cream horns from this particular bakery all of the time at my aunt's house when I was a kid.

I sat down with Joe and Susan Oginsky, owners of Town to Town Gourmet Pastries today to talk about their famous cream horns, which you'll be able to taste tonight at Dessert Wars!

The visit came ahead of Dessert Wars, which is tonight night at Amway Grand Plaza hotel’s Ambassador Ballroom in downtown Grand Rapids.

Town to Town Gourmet Pastries sells its famous cream horns, kolacki and various pastries -- great for restaurants, weddings, holidays and more! They've just recently started selling them here in West Michigan at Sobie Meats, 3450 Remembrance Road NW in Walker.

The whole thing started with Joe being a huge fan of cream horns. Every time he visited a bakery, he would try their version until he ultimately ended up creating the version that is now his (and a lot of other people's) favorite.

The Oginskys have been working with experts at Michigan State University on ways to safely ship the delicate pastries without them breaking, and think they may have finally nailed down the secret.

Now, if you aren't familiar with cream horns, they're created with a puffed pastry shell and a smooth, creamy filling, then topped with powdered sugar. And they're to DIE for.

You'll be able to sample the famous cream horns tonight at Dessert Wars!

Joe and Susan Oginsky Talk Cream Horns and Dessert Wars With Wendy

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