This past spring marked the first time that Michigan high school juniors had to take the SAT's. Prior to, it's always been the ACT's, But the results for the first SAT scores in Michigan have been released by the Department of Education.

The SAT is divided in two parts: English (includes reading and writing) & Math each with a score of 800 which equals a total SAT score of 1,600. On average, Michigan students got a score of 507 on English and 493 on math for an overall average of 1001.

The top three scoring schools in Michigan, to no surprise, were the international academies because they focus on college-prep school work. International Academy, in Bloomfield Hills, was the #1 scoring school in the state with an average score of 1334.

However, two schools in Grand Rapids made the top 10 list: City Middle/High School (#4) with an average score of 1296 and East Grand Rapids (#9) with an average of 1184.

You can see the top 10 list here.

You can also search your specific district and school here.

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