Urkel is back!  Or is it Stefan, a personified Urkel, in Family Matters?

Channel 957 artist, Cee Lo Green is known for his eclectic musical taste and talent.  He won a Grammy this year for his hit song, 'Forget You,' after performing it live with the Muppets and Gwenyth Paltrow Later, we watched and got to know more about his coaching style during the inaugural season of The Voice, and just last week he announced he has a new gig in Vegas that would keep his show in one place -- not on the road like most artists who go on tour.

This morning, Cee Lo's newest music video popped up on my screen and I almost screamed when I saw that Jaleel White portrays the Grammy award winner!  It's pretty funny and takes you and I back to the 70's with a Grease-like format.  I know you're gonna like, Cry Baby!