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Eating your veggies is important, right?  Have you noticed all of the commercials on t.v. that keep pushing beverages loaded with veggies so you don't have to eat them??

There's something about chopping, slicing, snapping and shucking vegetables that reminds of summertime with my grand parents.  It was a daily ritual to get a bowl and start preparing the fresh produce -  that was in season - for the evening meal.  Yum!  Somehow, veggies in the summer tasted better than any other time of the year.
Well, a new report lists three 'greens' that have little to no nutritional value.  The good news is that there are alternative veggies that will give you the daily vitamins and minerals your body needs.
1.  Celery is high in fiber and contains no calories.  That's pretty cool, but Carrots are better and give you beta carotene for healthy eyes.
2.  Cucumbers is also low in calories, but an herb called Purslane has beta carotene like carrots do and is full of Omega 3's.
3.  Iceberg Lettuce is out and Romaine Lettuce is in!  It is leafier, tastier and healthier -- how's that for an endorsement?  It also has vitamin A, C and beta carotene.
Source:  Yahoo Shine