The Answer is yes!  Saturday from 3-8pm I’ll be bartending at Diamond Hall during Pulaski Days.

Your next question is, “Can you do it? Are you secretly like Tom Cruise from ‘Cocktail’?”

Well, that’s two questions and the answer is, sorta.  Last year I was so bad inexperienced, that one of the bartenders decided not to work with me this year. I’m not sure if that was his reason for not being available during my time, but I’d get it, I mean I drink better than I serve... and I like to chit chat too much!

So to prepare for my bartending shift, I went over and hung out with Jen and Christi the other night.

Right away I got the advice of “Just look pretty” and that seemed to change my whole attitude, so when someone wanted a beer, I grabbed it, swung around, kicked the door shut and served the beer. Already this was better than my start from last year.

I then learned how to pour a beer (properly) and making a mixed drink.  Yeah, it’s all pretty easy stuff, but I spend my days following around Christine making fun of her.  And if I’m drinking, I just pour however much I want, so I needed to learn the right way and before it was the busy weekend of Pulaski Days.

After I got the process down and didn’t look like a mouse stealing stuff, it was time to take it up a level and create a specialty show.  The “Diamond Drop” which will be the feature shot of the weekend.  So there’s a good chance I’ll have to make a few of them.  So Christi decided to test me by having me load up the Diamond Hall Shot-ski!  Surprisingly, I didn’t do it wrong!!


Few other things happening at Diamond Hall this week for Pulaski Days:

  • Tuesday at 7 pm is the Pierogi eating contest – you can enter the contest up to contest time that night.
  • Friday morning Diamond Hall opens with food and the full bar at 7 am.
  • Saturday morning the parade ends at Diamond Hall.