Coffee and caffeine are the popular way to wake-up, but what if you don't like coffee (like me) or you find that the caffeine crash isn't worth it?

Well then turn to science to wake up! Here's 7 tips for waking up without the use of coffee or caffeine:

1) Get light coming in as soon as you can.  Open the curtains or turn on a lamp.  It helps stop the production of Melatonin which helps you sleep and tells your body to get up and get going.

2) End your shower with cold water.  there's science to it, but have you ever taken a cold shower? It definitely wakes you up!

3) Drink a glass of water.  Especially if you're a night sweater.. either way, apparently everything we do while sleeping dehydrates us.  So start with a glass of water and get your body going.

4) Eat a good/healthy breakfast.  Donuts are healthy.. good, but not healthy and with that you suffer the sugar crash later.  It's also thought that you eat more junk when you start off with a sugary breakfast.  I always had a pop-tart growing up, maybe that's why I love waaay to much junk now.  (yes I'm trying to blame my weight problem on growing up.haha)

5) Drink O.J. or eat an orange.  Citrus has something in it that actually will help you with dementia later on ('nuff said for me) but it also helps get your brain going in the morning as well, which is helpful when you're looking for your keys.

6) Exercise or be active.  Basically, it gets your blood flowing to the brain and helps produce more oxygen so you're more alert and awake.

7) Jam out to your favorite songs!  That's right!! Music helps your brain and body wake up, so find your "Pump Up" mix and blast it!!

If you want more of the "science" of it all, this video will help!