Okay, I understand no one heads to an interview with the idea of destroying their chances, so here are some things to avoid.

This comes from a CareerBuilder survey that asked hiring managers to name the biggest ways people have killed their chances. So this means someone actually did one of these things.

69% of managers agree that lying about something will kill any chance you have at getting a job. For the love of God, don't embellish your resume` to the point where you've made yourself CEO of McDonalds for 6 years.

If you get a text or a phone call during the interview, don't answer! 68% of managers agree that you're done if you do it. Here's a Josh tip, leave your phone in your car.

67% agree if you avoid eye contact, they'll avoid hiring you.

60% are turned off by arrogant or entitled applicants.

Dress appropriate! 50% say if you're not looking sharp they'll send you on your way without an offer.

A few others: Don't swear, make sure you smile, don't play with anything on the table, have good posture, and quit your fidgeting.