We live in a world where, for whatever reason, people encourage Mike Tyson to sing.  More upsetting, is that we live in a world where Mike Tyson is encouraged to sing "The Girl From Ipanema".

Some may say, "Why not? He's famous. Famous people do stupid stuff all of the time!" But, it seems that people have forgotten that Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist and yet, for some reason, he continues to get work in movies and TV. It must be great for Desiree Washington (the woman he was convicted of raping) to see that he's still famous and relatively successful despite the crimes that he's committed.

But, why would people want him to sing? We've known for a long time that Mike Tyson isn't particularly easy on the ears. Just ask Evander Holyfield who got half of his bitten off by Tyson during a boxing match.

At any rate, here's your chance to watch one of the most dangerous, crazy men to ever walk to the Earth look like an idiot on Brazilian TV!

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