Meet the couple who fights more than Kidd and Kellie -- Damon and Amy. Coming up this tomorrow, hear them make their cases against eachother to win a girl's trip to Napa Valley or a guy's trip to Las Vegas!

Meet Damon and Amy
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The REASONS we fight are simple, we are both set in our ways and never think we're wrong.  One thing that sets me off is his unhealthy love affair with his nasty, ratty, smelly, 30 year old pillows and pillowcases.  He has 3 pillowcases (2 navy and 1 hunter green on an otherwise all white bedding-covered bed, by the way). He claims he cannot live without because they "stay cold" and "are comfortable".  Really?  More comfortable than my 1000 thread count, soft as butter, beautiful white pillowcases that cost a fortune?  I think not! And the pillows they cover are just as bad, they're lumpy and smell utterly foul.  I'm on the verge of having the health department step in. I think they're simply his way of making me crazy but he swears he can't live without them.  And don't EVEN get me started about his sleeping habits with said pillows.  That's a whole other contest.

Why don't I just make them disappear and replace them when he's not around, you ask?  Because I'm honestly not sure, if he had to choose, if it would be me or them.  It really is that bad.  Then again, at least then I'd have a pretty bed....hmmm...

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