We found a very interesting article that delves into the mind of a man and has science to weigh in on why they think like they do.

Gene Expression, a blog specializing in all things genetics, explored the different physical preferences men will have about women’s bodies – along with their deeper meanings.

Side A: Breasts:

Breast men usually exhibit the following:

  • Probably read a lot of sports magazines
  • Have a need  for exhibitionism.
  • Are the one roaming around the room figuring out ways to become the center of attention.
  • contain a larger inclination to smoke – and also quit things
  • Independence is key for the “breast-man”

Side B: Butts

Butt men usually exhibit the following:

  • Have  need for order (neatness, organization, orderliness)
  • Tend to work at business-related jobs
  • Have an overall need for achievement

The study also notes that environmental factors and where one grew up can also have an effect on men's preferences.

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