Winter is coming.  Don't blame me.  Blame your calendar.  (or thank your calendar if you are one of THOSE people)

I don't mind the cold.  That's what coats are for.  I don't mind the snow either, except when there's a foot of it sitting on your car and it causes your 20 minute drive to become an hour long turtle-paced adventure.

Other than that...Mother Nature and I are on pretty good terms.

Here's the forecast for winter from WZZM 13's George Lessens:

In general, I believe West Michigan will have temperatures that are near to slightly below average (26.3°F, or -0.5°F for Grand Rapids); snowfall will probably be around average or slightly above average (80", or +5.2" for Grand Rapids).

Cold and snowy.  I'm not surprised.

Here's all of the details about this winter's forecast from WZZM 13's George Lessens.